What is condom size

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Most men wear a standard size condom, deed for the average range of penis lengths and girths. Condoms are sized by nominal width or the measurement across the rolled-up condom, and by length, the measurement from tip to the base when fully unrolled. You'll find the dimensions of each Trojan condom and there are many! Straight-walled condoms have the same base and mid-shaft widths, while flared, bulbous, or contoured condoms get wider along the shaft.

Condoms should be tighter at the base so they don't slip off, and whether you like a roomier condom or a tighter condom along the shaft and head is up to you. Note: Some of these s are very similar, but even a small change in width can make the difference between a condom that enhances your pleasure and one that hinders it. Note: Naturalamb condoms are a natural product and vary in width. All measurements are approximate. Looking for more on condom sizes and how they affect fit and feel? Check out our other helpful resources:. What condom size do I need?

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What is condom size

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Condom Size Chart: How Length, Width, and Girth Measure Up Across Brands