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Quality accessories enhance scanning versatility and efficiency Nikon offers a variety of optional holders nikon super coolscan 5000 ed adapters to augment productivity. The reflective surface in this mirror is protected by a very thin and fragile layer of coating, which can be scratched very easily by touch. Doing so may permanently damage it.


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Cost has always been prohibitive. Product as good as advertised This device is as advertised. Input Type. Scan Element Type. Small picture film scanner Optical Resolution: 4. It is very fast in top quality slide nikon super coolscan 5000 ed. Handy accessories for batch scanning is available optionally: adaptor SF for framed slides and SA for whole film rolls. Read full review. This is a brilliant scanner for 35mm slides, even really filthy slides are restored to photos as good as digital, if not better. The SF multiple slide feeder is well worth the investment if you have several hundred plus slides to scan, nikon super coolscan 5000 ed can leave the machine to scan 50 slides in one go.

At the End of a hot summer the Nikon boat was rocked. In Germany too some dealers offered consumers Nikon's filscanners for lower prices than a normal specialist dealer could buy them for directly from Nikon. There was much speculation over Nikon's launch of a new product range. Rumors of every discription was spread.

Rent Nikon Coolscan LS Scanner Film Scanners Canada

But why should Nikon launch a new range? After all Nikon was indisputably leading the market in all classes concerning quality and possibilities with the LS, Super Coolscan and the Super Coolscan However Nikon was front-runner concerning the prices as well. In October Nikon surprised the filmscanner community nikon super coolscan 5000 ed the successor of the well proven Super Coolscan ED.

By means of specifications it was soon clear that some trivia has improved. Does this mean higher nikon super coolscan 5000 ed for lower prices? Not really. My following review will show that Nikon strongly saved costs, which is not obvious at first glance though. I have ordered my Coolscan V and Super Coolscan the same day and I also received them at the same day. When unpacking the scanners it became already clear that Nikon has rationalised: two identical boxes with different labelling, same wrapping and packaging inside, the same film adaptor, same connection cable, same software and even the same user guide - only the scanners are different, but not formally.

LS 5000ED / Super Coolscan 5000 ED

The dimensions and the form are the same as its predecessor's. The altered stands immediately catch one's eye though. While the Coolscan was standing on four rubber knobs, the new Coolscan is bordered by two rubber-like plastic attachments, so that it has a skid-proof stand on the desktop both horizontally and vertically.

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This attachment stood the test of time during the last years. The most striking modification compared to nikon super coolscan 5000 ed predecessor attracted my attention on the front side of the scanner: the LS had a sliding cover, which easily covered the interior of the scanner when no film adaptor was attached. Therefore, when the cover was closed, the scanner's interior was securely protected against dust.


Nikon removed this creditable piece completely. So a film adaptor has to be attached to the Coolscan at all times, even when not in use. Actually this is not a big restriction, as long as the film scanner is placed on the desktop. But when you have to send your scanner to service or want to lend it to your friend, you always have to attach a film adaptor in order that the interior is protected. I think in this case Nikon economised too much and scored a classic own goal: suddenly the expensive Nikon scanners are the only devices in the market which do not nikon super coolscan 5000 ed a direct dust protection of the interior. Kaiser anti dust spray for film cleaning and scanner cleaning. Nikon sold this scanner in some countries as the LS The Scan Image Enhancer is also a very useful feature that must not be turned on permanently.

Everybody knows what auto level does with an nikon super coolscan 5000 ed of a ski trail: the few people shilhoutted against the consistent white become extremely coloured and glaring. Conclusion of the last 5 paragraphs: The scan software of the Nikon contains a great many algorithms for automatic image enhancement which positively affect the image qualitiy in a comfortable way. But the actually good image quality is not due to these nikon super coolscan 5000 ed features, but it's due to the fact, that the Nikon Super Coolscan ED is capable of distinguishing finest shades of colours. In a scan with a colour depth of 16 Bit there can easily be shades of grey between black and dark grey - and that makes up the image quality.New scanner Nikkor Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass lens.

Proprietary LED illumination technology.


Amazingly fast second scanning. Newly-developed. We still have a couple of Nikon scanners and Nikon accessories available in our film scanner shop. After all Nikon was indisputably leading the market in all classes concerning quality and possibilities with the LS, Super Coolscan and the Super Coolscan

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