Short dating site

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Los Angeles. Short kings have always walked among us — men who may fall a few inches below the height standards often linked to conventional male attractiveness, but who own their stature with the same confidence society has tried to convince us is the exclusive domain of men over six feet.

While we tend to think of women as the primary victims of unrealistic societal beauty standards, men definitely bear the brunt of the body shaming when it comes to two specific measurements: height and penis size. By and large, jokes about short guys — and sometimes blatant discrimination against them — still seem to be fair game, and nowhere is this more apparent than on dating apps.

The creators hope to launch Short King Dating in late November, with plans to host both an app and an online platform. I really need to re wire my brain and seriously start to ask myself… is he hot or is he just tall and wearing a chain. The reign of lanky, lumbering giants is over. The short king revolution is now. This article was featured in the InsideHook newsletter. up now. And awesome. Popular at InsideHook.

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Short dating site

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The Short King Revolution Now Has Its Own Dating App