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To prevent this, the machine incorporates a function to retain the developing bias for a certain period and decrease the voltage gradually against possible power loss.

Basic function Normally, the developing bias voltage is retained for a certain time before the drum comes to a complete stop if the machine should stop before completing the normal print cycle. The developing bias can be added before resuming the operation after an sharp ar-m201 scanner interruption. Therefore, carrier will not make a deposit on the drum surface.

Charge by the Scorotron charger Function The Scorotron charger functions sharp ar-m201 scanner maintain uniform surface potential on the drum at all times, It control the surface potential regardless of the charge characteristics of the photoconductor. Basic function A screen grid is placed between the saw tooth and the photoconductor.

A stable voltage is added to the screen grid to maintain the corona current on the photoconductor. As the photoconductor is charged by the saw sharp ar-m201 scanner from the main corona unit, the surface potential increases. This increases the current flowing through the screen grid. When the photoconductor potential nears the grid potential, the current turns to flow to the grid so that the photoconductor potential can be maintained at a stable level. Process controlling Function The print pattern signal is converted into an invisible image by the semiconductor laser using negative to positive reversible developing method. Therefore, if the developing bias is added before the drum is charged, toner is attracted onto the drum.

If the developing bias is not added when the drum is charged, sharp ar-m201 scanner carrier is attracted to the drum because of the strong electrostatic force of the drum.

Sharp AR-MF Laser MFP Review Trusted Reviews

To avoid this, the process is controlled sharp ar-m201 scanner adjusting the drum potential and the grid potential of the Scorotron charger. Basic function Voltage added to the screen grid can be selected, high and low.


To make it easily understood, the figure below shows voltage transition at the developer sharp ar-m201 scanner. Outline of operation The outline of operation is described referring to the basic configuration. Outline of copy operation Setting conditions 1 Set copy conditions such as the copy quantity and the copy density with the operation section, and press the COPY button.

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The information on copy conditions is sent to the MCU. The light from the copy lamp is reflected by the document and passed through the lens to the CCD. Image process 4 The document image signal sent from the CCD circuit is processed under the revised conditions and sent to the LSU laser unit as print data. Electrical signals sharp ar-m201 scanner converted into photo signals. Printing 7 Electrostatic latent images are formed on the OPC sharp ar-m201 scanner according to the laser beams, and the latent images are developed to be visible images toner images. The copied paper is discharged onto the exit tray. The procedures after that are the same as above 5 and later. Outline of scanner operation The scan data are passed through the MCU to the PC according to the conditions requested by the operations with the operation panel.

Scanner section A.


Scanner unit The scanner unit in the digital copier scans images. It is composed of the optical unit and the drive unit.

Sharp ar-m201 scanner optical unit performs scanning in the main scan direction with the light receiving elements color CCD. The drive unit performs scanning in the sub scanning direction by moving the optical unit. Spectral sharp ar-m201 scanner characteristics Standard characteristics. Optical system Two white lamps are used as the light source. Light radiated from the light source is applied to the document on the document table. The reflected light from the document is reflected 4 times by No. Separate images scanned in each color section are overlapped to complete color scanning. When PC scanning The resolution is dpi.

Disassembly for parts: Sharp AR-M201 All-in-one printer/scanner/copier

When copying, only the green component is used to print with the printer. The color component for printing can be switched to red or blue by the service simulation. Drive system The drive system is composed of the scanner motor, the pulley gear, the idle pulley, the idle gear, the beltthe beltand the shaft. The motor rotation is converted into reciprocated sharp ar-m201 scanner of the belt through the idle gear, the pulley gear, the beltand the idle pulley to drive the optical unit. Laser unit The image data sent from the MCU image process circuit is sent to the LSU laser unitwhere it is converted into laser beams. Basic structure The LSU unit is the writing section of the digital optical system. The semiconductor laser is used as the light source, and sharp ar-m201 scanner are formed on the OPC drum by the polygon mirror and f lens, etc.

Download All-in-One (Multifunctional) SHARP AR-M drivers and software.

The laser beams are passed through the collimator lens, the cylindrical lens, the polygon mirror, the f lens, and the mirror to form images on the OPC drum in the main scanning direction.COP > ARM > Windows 10 bit Driver, MFP Driver (Integrated Installer for SPLC Printing & Scanning via USB).1/06/, 9, KB. Sharp AR-M Manual Online: Scanner Function. Type Scanning method Light sharp ar-m201 scanner Resolution Original types Effective scanning area Scanning speed Input.


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