Shared interests in a relationship

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Most people dream of having a partner who is also their best friend. They want to share hobbies, interests, thoughts, goals, and beliefs — but is this the best way to begin a relationship? Do opposites attract for a reason? And just how important are common interests in a relationship? Keep reading to find out. Having a lot in common with your spouse is a great starting point to build a strong relationship.

These are important reasons why finding hobbies to do as a couple will benefit your marriage. If you like skydiving, hiking, and being out on the water and your spouse shares your interests, then you automatically know they are an adventurer just like you.

Shared interests are a stepping stone to a fun and exciting partnership between best friends. The Journal of Happiness Studies reports that couples are happier when they are best friends. The study suggests strong evidence that marital satisfaction was twice as high for couples who call each other their best friend.

When you meet people with similar interests, you start creating a sense of teamwork. Spending a lot of time together doing the things you love helps create a sense of togetherness and encourages couples to create shared goals. Having a lot in common means spending time doing things you love as a couple. Over time, you will begin to develop relationship rituals together. These rituals become traditions that enhance emotional intimacy , build trust, and solidify your bond as a couple.

When you have shared interests as a couple, you give each other a form of life support. Having a lot in common encourages partners to build trust and communication skills. As you reach out for help and support for your hobbies, you teach yourself to rely on your partner in other areas of your life. This is great because studies show couples who share religions are happier and are more likely to view their relationship as special. Research goes on to say that spouses treat their partners better when they regularly attend religious services together.

This is important because date night has been proven to boost communication , enhance relationship excitement, and restore commitment. Shared interests will keep you and your partner spending quality time together as romantic partners and friends. You share more than sexual chemistry and emotional intimacy. You are destined to become true best friends.

This is especially true if you are someone who could never see yourself dating someone who has different political or moral opinions than you do. When you share common interests in a relationship, you can already see yourself falling in love with your partner because you have so many thre that connect you. Having a lot in common with your spouse helps promote marital satisfaction. Sage Journals conducted a study where for 1. of the study showed that couples engaging in exciting shared interests reported higher levels of marital satisfaction than couples who were ased pleasant activities.

Research show that couples are happier when they share exciting hobbies together. Think of all of the other amazing qualities your partner has. Are they kind? Couples do not need to share common interests to make their relationship a success. Instead, show gratitude for all the things you love about your spouse. Sometimes mutual interest in relationships can be overwhelming. You and your spouse never do anything apart because you share all of the same hobbies. When you have your own unique interests outside of shared interests, it allows you to branch out and do your own thing.

This makes for a more balanced romantic experience. Take a genuine interest in things that your partner loves. When you do, you may find you have more things in common than you thought. When you compromise on small things like what show to watch, you learn to compromise on bigger things in the future. This helps build teamwork and understanding in your relationship.

Shared interests are great, but opposites attract for a good reason. Opposite taste in music, entertainment, religion, and politics will help keep life interesting and encourage both partners to be open-minded and non-judgmental in the relationship. Having shared interests is a great start to a healthy relationship. When you have a lot in common with your spouse, you are sure to have a fun relationship. Having hobbies to do as a couple also creates a support system and a sense of teamwork in your love.

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Shared interests in a relationship

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Why It Is (And Isn't) Important To Share Common Interests In A Relationship, According To Men