Reverse lotus sex position

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If you're looking for a super close and intimate sex position, the lotus position is a great one to try. While sitting wrapped around your partner in lotus, you can kiss, look into their eyes, and switch up your angles for deeper penetration. Here are a few tips you can use to make the lotus sex position even better and three variations to keep things exciting. Lotus is actually based on the lotus yoga position , in which you sit cross-legged, but with your feet propped on top of your thighs.

Related Article Module: Tantric sex is a slow, meditative form of intimacy that can improve relationships — here's how to practice it. This position is often used in tantric sex , which is a slower, more meditative way to have sex and connect with your partner, says Sari Cooper, LCSW, a certified sex therapist and director of the Center for Love and Sex. Lotus gives you the chance to be incredibly close to your partner — your entire bodies are touching and it's easy to kiss during sex. Studies show that eye contact can ramp up your nervous system arousal, which can also increase your sexual excitement.

Related Article Module: Sex therapists share the 6 best-of-the-best sex positions for maximum pleasure. Lotus also gives both partners some control over movement — you can both thrust your hips and the top partner can easily adjust the depth of penetration. The lotus position isn't easy for all bodies — if you're struggling to make it work, here are a couple tips Cooper gives to make lotus easier:. If you want to enhance your lotus experience, you can use these tantric techniques to make the experience even more intense:.

This can be a great variation for anal sex, because the top partner's anus is easier to reach in this position. Using a chair can help you move more freely, as both you and your partner can push off from the floor with your feet. You can also hold onto the back of the chair to support your weight while you move up and down. This can be a great variation if you have breasts, as your partner can hold onto them while thrusting.

It may also be a good option for people having anal sex because the top partner's anus is easily accessible. The lotus sex position in an intimate way to connect with your partner emotionally and physically. Lotus position can be tricky for some people, but there are several tips and variations you can try to make it work better for you and your partner.

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Being face-to-face can help heighten the romance. This is an incredibly intimate position since you can gaze into each other's eyes and kiss. It also allows both partners to have some control over the depth and rhythm of penetration. Visit Insider's Health Reference library for more advice.

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Reverse lotus sex position

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