Prostitution in kolkata hotels

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News City News Beware the hotel cam. This story is from October 22, Hanging around in a five-star lobby can put you under the scanner An Army personnel from Jammu was waiting for two journalists at a five star hotel in the city. When they tried to get into his room from the poolside gate, they were stopped by the security staff, who wanted to check their ID cards and details of their appointment for which they had arrived in the first place. Finally, the Armyman had to intervene. We wanted to speak to Dominique Lapierre and his wife, who were in town to introduce his grand-daughter last month said an event manager.

The call went through after much persuasion at the reception desk of a fivestar hotel and Dominique came on Walking into a five star hotel in the city for an appointment can't be much fun these days. You are stopped at every turn, the hotel security and staff are likely to observe you suspiciously, read your body language, question you and only if they are convinced about your credentials, they let you in.

So what has happened to our five stars all of a sudden? Are they being "overcautious" and "prudish" without reason? Not really, since the Kolkata Police has last month nabbed callgirls who provide escort services to guests, at a five-star hotel. A top official of a popular hotel said that they have been instructed to check people coming to meet guests, due to a flourishing racket involving sex workers visiting guests' rooms in If we find anything fishy, then we ask the guests to leave politely and if they are offended then we can't help it", said an official of a leading five star hotel.

Another staff of a five star hotel said that in case they bump into callgirls within the hotel premises, they politely ask the visitor to leave their room with their escort and then come back alone. Police sources say that recent arrests have made them more vigilant about hotel-guests and their visitors. We ask the hotel official to keep a check on the suspicious visitors and we advise them to give us detailed information about any foreigner boarding the hotel under the Foreigners' Act to the Special Branch within 24 hours of their arrival," said Pradip Chatterjee, DC Special Branch.

Also, hotels who have popular nightclubs keep extra vigil on special nights and any visitors who are suspect are quizzed and if required, barred from entering the hotel premises. We have close circuit TVs. The public areas, the car park and the corridors are scanned. We also have under-vehicle search mirrors to check the cars entering our hotel. Anybody waiting at the lobby can wait at their own discretion but it is the security's prerogative to Also, when guests like Beni Santoso come calling, the Calcutta Police steps in to prevent untoward events.

But we have tight security, round the clock, every single day" said another hotel source. So, next time, you want to meet Amartya Sen or Vikram Seth or simply your NRI uncle from the US at a city five-star, keep all your credentials ready or get prepared to go under the scanner. Spotlight What are crypto scams and how to protect yourself Everything you must know about Crypto Wallets Pearl Academy offers home studio kits Is your hair game on-point?

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Prostitution in kolkata hotels

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