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Provides pointbase jdbc to and manipulation of Character Large Object data. Constructs and manages the connection to the database.

Cannot load driver class: com pointbase iversalDriver (BEA/Weblogic forum at Coderanch)

You should have no reason to change this. This is an optional value and must be specified only if the server was started on a port other than This field is not pointbase jdbc sensitive.

  • Pointbase JDBC Driver and URL Information
  • Pointbase JDBC Driver and URL Information
  • JDBC Driver List

Windows Firewall may block the communication. You may pointbase jdbc to reconfigure or disable it. Scripts are called by start scripts in the sample domains and by start scripts contained in any domain created by pointbase jdbc Configuration Wizard.


Mimer 9. Cache 5. Close to the heart of all mobile developers is the topic of database synchronization once these databases pointbase jdbc deployed far and wide in the field.

Execute the appropriate start script— startPointBaseConsole. To access the first value of the result set you must advance the cursor to the first row using the resultSet. This method is used to move the cursor from row to row in the result set, and returns a Boolean TRUE value pointbase jdbc there is data in the row to which the cursor is pointing. See the Pointbase jdbc server documentation in the following location for more information on starting and stopping the server:.

Cannot load driver class: com pointbase iversalDriver (BEA/Weblogic forum at Coderanch)

Enter the following information for the samples database installed with the application server:. The query is represented as a pointbase jdbc, simple and intuitive to use. DbSchema holds its own image of the schema. You can then execute the commands by clicking the Execute All button.

This is useful if you want to re-create your schema in future for any reason. The first time you create the schema, these statements may generate errors because the pointbase jdbc do not exist yet. Shop now. Some pointbase jdbc the command-line parameters used by this class are.

Database Administration Guide

By default, pointbase jdbc PointBase server starts on port You need to specify this only if you want to change the default behavior. JC6 Download Driver. A non-scrollable result set pointbase jdbc allows you to retrieve the values stored in the result set in sequential order.


The following example describes how to retrieve pointbase jdbc from a non-scrollable result set.Listed below are connection examples for four common JDBC drivers for PointBase: PointBase Server Universal JDBC Driver. Pointbase JDBC driver provided by DbSchema Azure Designer Tool.

Connect to Pointbase database using JDBC driver, build diagrams, manage the schema.

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