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You shall reproduce and include in all copies of the Licensed Materials, or any derivatives thereof, the copyright notice s and proprietary legend s of PLANET and its licensors as they appear in the Licensed Materials. Certain Licensed Materials may be based on industry recognized standards or software programs published by industry recognized planet fps-3121 bodies and certain third parties may claim to own patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights that cover implementation of those standards.


You acknowledge and agree that this Agreement does not convey a license to any such third party patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights and that you are solely responsible for any patent, copyright or other intellectual property planet fps-3121 claim that relates to your use or distribution of the Licensed Materials, or your use or distribution of your application that include or incorporate the Licensed Materials. If your LAN does not have a Router, ignore this option. Connected Protocol This option allows you to designate which LAN protocol will be used for communication between the selected device and this application.

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  • Downloads - Support - PLANET Technology
  • Planet Technology Multi-Port Fast Ethernet Print Server FPS-3121 user manual
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  • Planet Technology Multi-Port Fast Ethernet Print Server FPS-3121 User Manual

You should select ONE protocol only. Simply enter the Default Name of the Print Server you wish to locate. The Default Server Name is shown on Page 37 planet fps-3121 sticker on the base of the device.

Reset Device This will cause the device to reboot. This should be done after making any configuration changes, or if the device stops responding after some problems. To restore only the current screen, use planet fps-3121 Set to Default button on the screen. The Print Server should then appear in the device list on the main screen. Upgrade the firmware in a Print Server. See Upgrade Icon for details. Any protocols not used on your LAN may be disabled. This may improve performance. The Configuration Menu also contains selections for each of the following.

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The test print out will include status information. This menu option can be used to terminate a print job that is not printing correctly. This allows you to connect planet fps-3121 the Print Server and configure it using your Web Browser. Planet fps-3121 browsers should work, provided they support tables and forms. Because they have support some different functions that others without.

Press the Diagnostic Button, and hold it for 2 seconds. Example Unix : arp -s Page 40 Connecting to the Print Server 1. Start planet fps-3121 Web Browser. You will then be prompted for the password.

Planet Technology Multi Port Fast Ethernet Print Server Fps 3121 Users Manual

Use the menu bar on the top of the screen to move about. Remember to save each screen planet fps-3121 changing to a different screen.

Printer Object Type These are text fields, used to describe the printer driver used for each port. The default is Binary. This field is not case sensitive, so names with different case will be considered to be the same name. Response Time Set how fast the print jobs are sent to the printer. I will try a driver update first as that will be the easiest thing to do, then will mess with the settings on that version. If that doesn't work will try an older driver and keep the both drivers available to swap between if needed. General point for anyone who sees this using Windows 10 and didn't know themselves. I haven't found a way to outright disable Windows 10 planet fps-3121 on Windows 10 home edition Other version do have a setting to disable them. Back To Combo. All of your previous configuration will be cleared.

Page Backup Setting 8. When you want to work with old configuration. The print server can support IPP printing by default., FPSMG, Initial release. Include utility and driver.FPS,Initial Release.

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FPSG,Initial. Multi-Port.


Fast Ethernet Print Server. FPS User's Manual PLANET has made planet fps-3121 effort to ensure that this User's Manual is accurate; PLANET.

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