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Example Prepared statements for updating and querying.

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For a working example, see the level1 demo. Refer to "About the TimesTen Java demos" regarding the demos.

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Example Prepared statements for multiple connections. The first prepared INSERT for connection conn1 is shared inside the TimesTen internal oracle timesten jdbc statement cache with the conn2 and conn3 connections, speeding up the prepare operations for pIns2 and pIns3 :. CallableStatement instead of PreparedStatementas follows. This is the standard method as specified in the CallableStatement interface:.

In many cases this is wasteful. Instead, you can use the TimesTen extended interface TimesTenCallableStatementwhich has a registerOutParameter signature that enables you to specify the maximum data length. Specify oracle timesten jdbc parameter position and data value. You cannot pass parameters to a CallableStatement object by name.

Last Timesten Jdbc

You oracle timesten jdbc set parameters by position. You cannot use the SQL escape syntax. The registerOutParameter signatures specifying the parameter by name are not supported.

You must specify the parameter oracle timesten jdbc position. Example Using an output parameter in a callable statement. This example shows how to use a callable statement with an output parameter. Assume a Connection instance conn.

Oracle mode: Multiple occurrences of the same parameter name are considered to be distinct parameters. Traditional TimesTen mode, as in earlier releases: Multiple occurrences of the same parameter name are considered to be oracle timesten jdbc occurrences of the same parameter.

Yo u can choose the desired mode through the DuplicateBindMode TimesTen general connection attribute. Because this is a general connection attribute, different connections to the same database can use different values. When parameter position numbers are assigned, a number is given to each parameter occurrence without regard to oracle timesten jdbc duplication. The application must, at a minimum, bind a value oracle timesten jdbc the first occurrence of each parameter name. For any subsequent occurrence of a given parameter name, the application has the following choices.

Oracle TimesTen: An In-Memory Database Booster

It can leave the parameter occurrence unbound, in which case it oracle timesten jdbc the same value as the first occurrence. To use a different value for the second occurrence of a in the SQL statement above:.


The application binds a value only for each unique parameter, and no unique parameter can be left unbound. Binding is based on the oracle timesten jdbc of the first occurrence of a parameter name.


Subsequent occurrences of the oracle timesten jdbc name are bound to the same value, and are not given parameter position numbers. For the SQL oracle timesten jdbc above, the two occurrences of a are considered to be a single parameter, so cannot be bound separately:. Note that in the TimesTen mode, parameter b is considered to be in position 2, not position 3. An application executing the following block, for example, would bind only one parameter, corresponding to :a.

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An application executing the following block would bind two parameters, with :a as parameter 1 and :b as parameter 2. Associative arrays enable arrays of data to be passed efficiently between a JDBC application and the database. Windows Client TimesTen Client Note: According to the ODBC standard, when an attribute occurs multiple times in a connection string, the first value specified is used, not the last value. Note: If multiple Data Manager DSNs refer to the same data store, they must all use exactly the same data store oracle timesten jdbc name, even if some other path name identifies the same location. For example, you cannot use a symbolic link to refer oracle timesten jdbc the data store in one DSN and the actual path name in another DSN.

On Windows, you cannot use a mapped oracle timesten jdbc letter in the data store path name. Connection attributes for Data Manager DSNs There are four types of TimesTen Data Manager attributes: Data store attributes are associated with a data store when it is created and cannot be modified by subsequent connections. Thread programming with TimesTen TimesTen supports multithreaded application access to data stores.For reference information on TimesTen JDBC extensions, refer to Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database JDBC Extensions Java API Reference. Note. After you have successfully executed the TimesTen Java sample applications, your development environment is set up correctly and ready for you to create.

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