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Also note that your connection URL is pretty messed up. I'm pretty sure that it mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j work. For more details, consult the project page at GitHub. Re: Saiku report : no cube, error with simple Mondrian schema and postgre Hello, I'am facing with another issue, I mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j to build a Saiku report with dimensions and measure, but the measure sum is not calculated. This release is also the first to introduce our new sister project, olap4j-xmlaserver. BigDecimal ; import java. BigInteger ; import java. Set on creation, cleared on close.


Empty if role is the 'all' role. FunInfo ; import mondrian. RowsetDefinition ; import mondrian.


DataSource object, not a connect string, then you cannot pass in that DataSource. If you have created your own Role object to do customized access-control, you cannot pass in the object, you have mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j pass in the name of a role already defined in the mondrian schema or a comma-separated list of role names.

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This book is targeted at four general types of users:. Hi Angus, Extremely mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j for the delayed response, this post has slipped through the cracks. Skip to content. Permalink Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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Third, and most exciting, the XMLA server should now run against any olap4j driver. It needs to be repackaged a bit — it still lives within the mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j codebase, in the mondrian. Metadata are the objects which describe the structure of an OLAP schema: cubes, dimensions, members, properties and so forth. A user's view of metadata may be subject to access control.

Mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j precise rules for access control depend on the provider, and this specification does not say what those rules should be. But this specification requires that the API methods must behave mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j with the server's access control policy. For example, in mondrian, users belong to roles, and roles may be granted or denied access to cubes, hierarchies, or members within hierarchies.

Suppose that user Fred belongs to the "Sales Manager" role, mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j does not have access to the [Nation] level of the [Store] hierarchy, and the current connection has been opened in the "Sales Manager" role. Then the Member. In olap4j, you can set a connection's role at connect time using the Role connect string property, or mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j can call the OlapConnection.

MondrianOlap4jDriver (Mondrian OLAP Engine, version TRUNK-SNAPSHOT)

Setting the role name to null reverts mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j the default access-control context. In the diagram, each arrow represents a collection of objects in a parent object; for example, a database is a collection of catalogs, each catalog is a collection of schemas, each schema is a collection of cubes, and so forth. Each object has a corresponding class in the org. Most metadata objects extend the MetadataElement interface, which gives them name and uniqueName attributes, and localized caption and description. When the API returns a list of metadata elements whose names must be unique for example, the list of dimensions in a cubethe return type is the NamedList extension to java.

Providers are at liberty to implement metadata objects using a cache, and therefore over the course of time, different java objects may represent the same underlying metadata object. MetadataElement provides name and unique-name properties not localizedand localized caption and description see Internationalization. A Database is the highest level element in the hierarchy of metadata objects. A database contains one or more catalogs. To obtain the collection of databases in the current server, call the OlapConnection.

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A Catalog is the second highest level element in the mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j of metadata objects. A catalog belongs to a database and contains one or more schemas. Some OLAP servers mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j only have one catalog. Is it possible to get a direct connection to your Cube, or a dummy Cube which we can use to exhibit the same behaviour?

PrintWriter. StringWriter. BigDecimal. BigInteger. No notes for slide. Tutorial olap4j 1.

Think of it like JDBCbut for accessing multi-dimensional data. Note that except for the driver class and connect string, the code is identical.import tion; import Manager; import 4j. OlapConnection; Mondrian.olap4j.mondrian olap4j connection = nection.

4j Class Hierarchy (Mondrian OLAP Engine, version )

Default Mondrian Olap 4j problem. package. 4j. import. 4j.*. import. *. import.

. import.

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