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How to : The first step was discovered by accident by trying magellan roadmate 800 same key combination as the one used to bring up the system menu on the Roadmate back in Any changes there and your RM could be toast - you have 5Gb of space available on HDD4 to store movies or maps for OziCE After the first customization, the screen will switch off after 10 seconds, press any key to bring it back up, once you've launched TNShell. If you don't have ActiveSync, you can download it on the Microsoft site here. When I typed in the name of the store the RoadMate said the nearest was over 75 miles away.

When I looked it up on the stores website they listed 5 stores within a 30 mile radius of where I was.

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I hope that Magellan is planning on offering frequent updates for its maps. The RoadMate comes with a 2 year warranty. The warranty only covers defect in manufacturing. Even with the extended warranty if magellan roadmate 800 drop the RoadMateor get it wet and it stops working, you will not get it fixed for free. Another thing you want to take into consideration when purchasing a GPS is the frequency of updates.

Li-ion Ni-Mh. The Zoom function provides fixed zoom levels of: feet, feet, 1. A 1 mile and above it switches to only magellan roadmate 800 highways and freeways and shows no POI's.

Magellan roadmate 800 would have been nice to have some more detail choices of major surface streets. Zoom levels continue at 2, 4, 10, 20, 50,, miles. Lakes are not shown beyond 4 miles unless major and rivers, lakes, and streams are rather spotty at low resolution. As you zoom out roads become straight line segments. Only major city names are ever shown on the map. These changes are all oriented toward speed of magellan roadmate 800 display at a cost of content. Operation Power on the unit by pressing the power on button and holding it for a second or so. International sales are on a prepaid wire transfer basis only. Any returned check will disqualify the account from any future Company Check Privileges and may be liable for triple damages, service fees, collection fees and attorney's fees.

All Credit Card sales must be shipped to the billing address of the credit card.


Magellan roadmate 800 terms for international sales are prepayment by wire transfer, U. The Magellan RoadMate will recalculate the alternate route to your destination. You can also choose to have the Magellan RoadMate detour you around traffic automatically by enabling smart detour. Page Chapter Selecting Destinations The Home button allows you one touch access to the address you route to most often. Select the Home button. This address is not automatically added your Address Book but is saved to your Previous Destinations list if you have routed to it. Page Search By City Enter the street address.

Magellan RoadMate 800 Reference Manual

The acceptable range of numbers is displayed at the top of the screen. Its great for long trips.


Around town its ok, but I seem to know the local shortcuts a bit better than the GPS. On long trips this unit is a godsend. You just punch in the destination city or zip magellan roadmate 800, the address or cross streets, route it and it tells you exactly how to get there.

GPS battery Magellan RoadMate

When you get to a new town, even if you wind up going the round about way you no longer have to hunt magellan roadmate 800 peck for your destination. Zoom in or out on a detailed map. Plus select from 9 different color combinations to personalize your view.

You just punch in the destination city or zip code, the address or cross streets, route it and it tells you exactly how to get there. When you get to a new town, even if you wind up going the round about way you no longer have magellan roadmate 800 hunt and peck for your destination. Better yet, when you get into town at night and the physical landmarks are harder to see, the GPS unit bring you right to where you want to go. Now all you have to do is know the address of your final destination, no need to rely on anyone or MapBlast for dir ections thay may be otherwise unreliable.Brought to you by the creators of Hertz NeverLost, the Magellan RoadMate has the latest in turn-by-turn GPS guidance, plus built-in MP3 player and photo. The Good The Magellan RoadMate comes with maps preloaded on its hard drive and includes entertainment features.

It also has solid.

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