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The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. As you are running as root, taking arbitrary unchecked data from the public Internet, and creating a weak spot in the security infrastructure, now is an excellent time linux tuntap read up on taint mode. The Linux documentation on tuntap in the kernel source I'm having a hard time figuring this problem out - Linux tuntap am trying to write a program that will interact with the Linux tunnel driver.


At a very basic level, I simply want to create an application that is able to transfer data over a network tunnel. I would just linux tuntap the two, in which case there will be no need for an IP address on tap0, i.

How does a TUN/TAP interface works? - Quora

I had to set the needed driver in. Update Cancel.

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Powerful continuous integration out of the box. TUN is used with routing.


In some cases, it could be possible to tell each packet apart from each other using the length information included in linux tuntap IP header. This architecture can be illustrated as follows.

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In this case, This is exactly the same that happens with any interface, be it virtual or physical. I've some linux tuntap and hope you can help me.

I can create TAP devices normaly I use two,e. I've bothe Programms wirtten and bind to the devices. I want build a connection between the Tap devices linux tuntap I can send linux tuntap my Packets. It's should work isolated that I can buil two more Tap devices an connect to each outher and this is isolated to the first one.

Using the TUN/TAP driver to create a serial network connection - Thanasis Georgiou

It should definitely be possible, yes. Remember that for the kernel to send out a packet, it has to believe that the IP is located "behind" the respective tap interface, so do not use the IP addresses you assigned to the tap interfaces for your applications. DHCP client is running in the application program waitng for data at port It should definitely work, as linux tuntap as always as the client connected to the TAP interface is able to reach the DHCP server and viceversa.

This usually means linux tuntap you have to bridge the TAP interface. Is this behavior normal? Is the second Thread only used in Situations with higher Load?

It's a file descriptor, so if you have multiple processes or threads linux tuntap for it linux tuntap also have to manage syncronization, locking etc. The problem is with the meaning of "is it possible to read", as you say. Technically is it of course possible. Whether the results are what you expect, is an entirely different matter. Without checking, I would think that read is thread-safe, however you can't go wrong if you implement synchronization and locking yourself, rather than relying upon the underlying implementation. I am facing some issues while using tap interface over windows. I found that the application attached with tap interface reads unwanted frames, which I guess should not be destined for tap interface.

Some ARP packets asking 1 who has This things are might happen because I don't have configure tap interface properly.


Can anyone suggest proper configuration steps as described above in the tutorial for linux, and also what are the recommended settings for firewall.Description TUN/TAP provides packet reception and transmission linux tuntap user space Multiqueue tuntap interface: From versionLinux supports multiqueue. Tun/tap interfaces are a feature offered by Linux (and probably by other UNIX-like operating systems) that can do userspace networking, that is.

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