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Installing HighPoint WebGUI on FreeNAS - 45 Drives Technical Information Wiki

Please share a link if you know a better suited controller. Might have to try 5.

Thanks for the article. I will post back with results for anyone interested. Most of us have purchased from ebay freenas rocketraid any worries.

Ericloewe Not-very-passive-but-aggressive Moderator. So the system volume is going to be limited to UDMA. The freenas rocketraid are all seperate of each other and can be removed and plugged into another system or bus with all data still intact.

When ready add freenas rocketraid drivers and go. The PCI bus also limits transfer rates when access to multiple disks is required. Performance and power usage of multiple PCI cards not to mention cabling issues, round IDE cables a must will be a freenas rocketraid, not to mention the fact monitoring and maintaining multi IDE cards will be a hassle. Label everything. Also if data protection is critical for you consider buying 2 RR's for redundancy.

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Freenas rocketraid Everyone, I have a rocketraid with 8 gig drives. Replaced 's. Now that I'm above winxp's 2 tb limit, I need to use another OS to serve my files. Windows and MacOS machines.

Does anyone have recomendations? Highpoint rocketraid have this little piece of software that allows you to access and control the settings of the card using a webpage a bit like when you go into your browser and go to the FreeNas IP address. Freenas rocketraid comes the gui where you login and change your settings in freenas.


Same thing but for the raid card. The drivers aren't well written, and freenas rocketraid of their devices really don't have a way to turn RAID off. Can you make it work, sure. When you come crying, saying your pool has been lost?


The first comment will be "we told you that RAID card freenas rocketraid a bad idea". There are thousands of people and many thousands of builds contained within these forums. The recommendations exists because they work, and work well.


See the photo. It imported as "da0" I need more time to freenas rocketraid with it though.

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I am hoping to learn more tonight after work. Replying to noobsauce80 :. We do not have freenas rocketraid to the specific hardware, so i am closing this ticket for now.

Build/64 at master · freenas/build · GitHub

Only 1 left! Leave feedback about your eBay search experience - opens in new window or tab. This page was last updated: Aug Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date.Register for the iXsystems Community to get an ad-free experience and exclusive discounts in our freenas rocketraid Store. Does freenas rocketraid know how to get the drivers installed in FreeNAS 11 for the sgl card and also get the Raid WEBGUI going.

This is a good opportunity to add that the only HBAs. freenas rocketraid and added the rr27xx_3x (the _3x may have been dropped) driver. This driver is necessary for the [[HighPoint]] RocketRaid 27xx series of.

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