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Heidelberg Primesetter RIP. New CTP. Flexo CTP.

Any error in these files can cause great harm and data loss. You may receive scsipel. Back to ecrm scsi Home Return to top.

Ecrm Rip for Windows NT: Operator Guide

Ecrm scsi to eBay Home. Listed in category:. Previous template Next. Labratory Supplies. Terminate both physical ends of the SCSI bus.

The only requirement for your machine apart from a minimum requirement of RAM is that it must have sufcient free disk space to hold these page buffers. By default, the Harlequin RIP compresses page buffers as it ecrm scsi them: the compression is always lossless and does not affect the output quality in any way.

ECRM RIP dongle and SCSI card 2000

This compression can reduce the disk space required to anything from half to a tenth of the uncompressed le, or even less. However, you do not have to compress page buffers if you do not wish to. Note: Ecrm scsi marks can greatly increase the actual size of the page by adding largely blank surrounds to the image and hence create a need for more disk space. If you ask the Harlequin RIP to compress page buffers as they are created, the extra space required by crop marks compresses well, as does the other blank space between text and images.


Typical free disk requirements, for both compressed C and uncompressed U page buffers, are shown in the following table, giving details for output at different resolutions and for different page sizes. These gures are for ecrm scsi. All gures are given in MB.

US Letter Resolution dpi dpi dpi dpi dpi dpi dpi dpi. Table 2.

For example, when uncompressed, a four-color page using 8 bits per ecrm scsi tonal values would use 32 times more memory than the gures given here. It is harder to predict the relative sizes of compressed page buffers because the contents of the page have ecrm scsi large effect.


For example, the compression ratio achievable for a page lled with an unchanging background tint is likely to be better for a contone page buffer than for a halftone page buffer. In addition, you must ensure you have enough disk space to hold workspace for processing ecrm scsi scanned images on any one page of your job. For example, when printing the Seybold Musicians test job a full-color scanned image8 MB of extra disk workspace will sometimes be required in addition to the gures shown above.

Current Output Device Drivers (RIP Plug-ins) : Xitron Support

Meeting these requirements is sufcient for you to view the page buffer on ecrm scsi or for the Harlequin RIP to convert it into a le in a useful graphics format. When you want to convert the page buffer to an image on physical media, you must transfer the data to an output device. This transfer is another factor determining overall performance and often imposes other requirements on the computer system running the RIP.We have an ECRM Marlin (rabadged Konica EV Jetsetter ). It was working fine until a few days ago when a SCSI BIOS error started. It requires sufficient disk drive space, USB ports, a network interface and, for some recorders, a SCSI interface board and a SCSI differential converter box.

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