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Click the Create or Manage Roles link. You can now enter the name of a new Role and click Add Role to create the new Role.

Create new Roles as required. Click the Create User link. You can now fill in information about the user to be created, and also allocate that user to one or more Roles.

Free mysql connector odbc 64 bit

NET web application. This provider allows you to store session state in a MySQL database. This tutorial also assumes you have created an empty database, for example testwhere you will store session data.

Due to a bug in 6. Navigate through the wizard to the Session State page. NET session data is seected.

On the same page configure the connection string to the database that will contain your session data. At this point you are ready to use the MySQL database to store session data.

MySQL :: Delphi ODBC connection on Win7 X64

To test that the set up has worked you can write a simple program that uses session variables. Open Default.

Run the solution without debugging. When the application runs, the provider will autogenerate tables required in the database you chose when setting up the application.

Check that the schema was in fact created. This will display the session data our application used.

Delphi and MySQL - Stack Overflow

Delphi mysql odbc 3.51 that this is stored in binary format so some data may not display as expected. At this point you have installed the Session State Provider and carried out a preliminary test of the installation. You will now work a bit more with the Session State Provider. In this part of the tutorial you will set and retrieve a session variable. You can work with your existing project.

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Select the Default. Add a text box and three buttons. These will delphi mysql odbc 3.51 Button1Button2 and Button3 respectively. Build your solution to ensure that no errors have been introduced. Still in the Design View, double click Button1. This will be set to the text that was entered into the text box when Button1 is clicked.

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In Design View double click Button2 to add its click event handler. This button needs to clear text from the text box. Delphi mysql odbc 3.51 code to do this is as follows:. The code simply assigns an empty string to the Text property of the text box. In the Desin View double click Button3 and modify the click handler as follows:.


delphi mysql odbc 3.51 This ensures that when the page loads the text box Text property is reset. The form will be displayed. Enter some text into the text box. Now click Store Session Variable. At this point you have stored the string in a session variable. Now click Show Session Variable to retrieve and display the session variable.


Click Show Session Variable the text box will display the stored session variable, demonstrating that the refreshing the page does not destroy the session variable. This illustrates that the session state data is not destroyed when a page is reloaded.

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Many modern web sites allow the user to create a personal profile. This requires a significant amount of code, but ASP.Connector/ODBC is a standardized database driver for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and , MD5:  Missing: DELPHI. However, my Delphi mysql odbc 3.51 application is failing - it is sending a connect to [MySQL][ODBC Driver]Access denied for user 'myuser'@'%' to  MySQL, MyODBC and ADO problems - MySQL.

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