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Yes, in lower resolutions without AA, especially in new pixel shader limited games it will be faster, but at high resolutions with AA the Pro can be as good or better.

GeForce 6 series

Those who want to buy a new card should consider the price and bundle, my guess is that the initial prices when the AGP version arrives will be nvidia nv43 geforce 6600 higher than those of Pro at that time. Of course, the price and performance of the new X series is a completely open question too.

Little more fillrate, same or less bandwidth, half the memory!!! I think the GT is a way better deal that a pro or XT.

Keep in mind that there will be plenty of Doom3 nvidia nv43 geforce 6600 games coming out over the next few years so again the GT is better. I am interestedin what ATI will comeout with. I really wanted a XPE but not at that price and the Xpro will not cut it. Yes at higher res, that memory bandwith ther has closes the gap a little bit. Hell who knows this card is so fast I just might turn on AA and get used to it, but I doubt it. In real life, most people would rather run on a balanced setting between performance and quality. Heh, I see it completely the other way around.

I play all the games with AA enabled, because without it nvidia nv43 geforce 6600 the high resolutions look ugly to me. I rather play lower resolutions with AA that higher without it, it kills off aliasing better and the framerates are higher. Look e.

I am also afraid the future, more bandwidth hungry games would hurt GT performance with AA even on lower resolutions. As, I see it the real segiment for this generation is memory quanity not so much with memory bandwidth and fill-rate. Since nvidia nv43 geforce 6600 newer titles consume far more memory in just textures before it starts to multi-sample. The GT can still run at a playible framerate nvidia nv43 geforce 6600 that argument is a moot-point.

Video Adapter Features. Analog Video Signal. Digital Video Standard. Now let's take a close look at each of our contenders in some detail, before getting into the benchmarks. A single card can also be used in either slot, nvidia nv43 geforce 6600 in this case the full 16 PCI Express lanes are available. A reference design GeForce Ultra above.


An early SLI system from above. The GT will be clocked at MHz for both the graphics core and memory, while the vanilla will carry a core clock speed of MHz.

Nvidia GeForce GT Specs - CNET

As far as potential goes, the GeForce s have plenty. Both cards have a bit memory bus, so it will come down to clock speeds.


Both cards can get by with a single-slot cooler, which is especially impressive for the MHz GT. Neither card requires an auxiliary power nvidia nv43 geforce 6600, in part thanks to the extra power delivered by the PCI Express interface. The s support advanced de-interlacing, inverse pull down, WMV9 acceleration, and motion estimation, just like the GeForce family. My home theater PC beckons. The GT apparently also offers between 1. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Archived from the original on March 29, Retrieved October 7, July 2, GeForce 3 4 Ti FX 6 7. Core clock speed. Manufacturing process technology. Benchmarks show its dynamic foveated rendering can reduce 3D shading load by 57pc.

Nvidia GeForce GT specs.

Read full review See prices.Supercharge your gaming with the power of an NVIDIA GeForce GPU. The NVIDIA® GeForce™ GPUs deliver best-in-class performance and. View full Nvidia GeForce GT specs on CNET.

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