Moving past a breakup

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Nothing can throw you into a pit of despair quite the same way a bad breakup can. Rom-coms and sitcoms simplify the process of how to get over a breakup: Watch sad movies in your pajamas , sob into a bowl of ice cream for two days straight, and poof! The answer: Love is a drug. No, really. That being said, there are plenty of ways to get to a healthy state of mind so you can find happiness with yourself and eventually, the love of your life.

We asked relationship experts for their best advice on how to get over a breakup, and here are the simple steps you need to take — none of which involve dairy. Once that high wears off, you may just feel nothing but guilt, according to Rapini. Be willing to go into the pain. You know, the stuff you purposely left out when recapping romantic getaways or date nights for friends.

In other words, make it a point to introduce the negative stuff, because your mind will only reinforce the positive. Keep the picture real. However, she'd make an exception this one time. Keep that list on your phone so you can refer back to it whenever you start thinking they were so perfect.

Unfortunately what tends to happen IRL is that two people slowly drift apart, and after the split, one of you is left wondering, why?? One thing you need to understand is that underneath the desperate need for closure is a desire to get back together.

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Moving past a breakup

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9 Rules for Moving on After a Breakup, According to Relationship Experts