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Although they all have a common dream of having a better life, they must compete with each other for the insurance money from the untimely death of Walter's father. Walter wants to get rich quickly by investing the money in a liquor store, but his sister, Beneatha, would rather use it to finish medical school.

Mama and Walter's wife, Ruth, both want to leave their worn house in the ghetto for a nicer one where Walter's son, Travis, can have his own bedroom and a yard in which to play. The dreams of these characters, however, are deferred for so long that frustration grows inside them and eventually bursts out. Each day Walter has to continue working as a servant, his internal frustration and anger build, and he eventually releases his anger against Beneatha, Ruth, and Mama. Illustrated during what be believed to be his greatest moment, when he stands as the solitary defender of Troy.

Even though, his father screams from the ramparts in a final effort to convince Hector that even if he is young and his death will be glorious, it will be ultimately a selfish death because it will bring no peace upon his family. Hector understands that a death fighting merciless Achilles would mean his family will be left with no body to morn so they all will be left suffering until they are eventually brutally killed by the invaders.

Homer XXII. He fools himself, and lies to his children about his success. His boss was looking to fire him for a long time. Before he starts the job his condition gets worse as time progresses. The news that instead of getting transferred to the New York office, he is fi Willy has to maintain his human dignity by not going out on sales trips because of the problems he is having.

Instead of going on trips he decides that he needs to stay in town, to help him and his family. He plans by doing this through a liquor store investment with the insurance money given to Mama from Big Walters death. In the play although Walter is regretfully deceived and looked down upon as a result of the liquor store ambition, he makes up for it by at the end finally reaching his manhood. However, no matter how important it is to be well-liked and known in the business world, Willy forgets to take into the importance of hard-working Amiro.

By doing so, he he himself, and therefore his sons, to their loss. A simple comparison can be made between Biff and Bernard to illustrate this point. In High School, Biff failed his mathematics class. His first reaction is to go see his teacher to ask him for the missing grades, while Bernard has told him earlier in the school year that he must work harder to pass the course. Young Hamlet is in deep morning over the loss of his father and now he has to handle the remarriage of his mother to his own uncle, the man who in cold blood killed his father. Hamlet, with the death of his father, is acting strangely but his whole outlook changes for the worst when his father's ghost visits him.

He finds out the true causes of his death and he is influenced by his father to seek revenge. Hamlet's father tells his son to kill his uncle, Claudius because he is the cause of his death. Hamlet loved his father deeply and would do anything for him. He then went home and committed suicide.

Okonkwo is often described as being similar to characters in Greek tragedies. Okonkwo knew that the end of his clan was coming, and that they would do nothing to prevent it from happening. He took his life out of desperation. He had struggled his whole life to become a respected member of his community, and suddenly his world is turned upside down and changed forever because of an accident. Having a life insurance policy aled that he was giving up.

Willy was ready to die for the sack of his family. He saw himself as a success if he was dead. Even though he has a tough exterior the pain of seeing his family struggle was too much for him to bare. Willy never went to his family and told them how he felt. When Okonkwo cut down the guard, he made the swift assumption that his clansmen were as passionate about fighting colonialism as him and would follow him into war.

When he found otherwise, he could not understand what had happened to his village. The next place he was seen was hanging from a noose in a selfish show of hypocrisy. In the end, Okonkwo's status among his tribe counted for nothing because his own despair over the colonization of his village led him to kill himself. His whole life Okonkwo strived to not to look weak like his father, but in the end he took the cowards way out, suicide. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Ghassan Kanafani is one of the famous Arab writers who represent resistance literature. His writing was mainly devoted to depict the struggle of his people and ignite new resistance acts against Israeli forces of occupation.

The writer affirmed the strong determination of the Palestinian people to liberate their occupied lands whatever the cost would be. Kanafani was a writer and journalist from Acre, the editor of al-Hadaf. Kanafani was killed by a car bomb on July 8, in Beirut. Men in the Sun is Ghassan Kanafani 's first novel. This novel explains the consequences of the Nakbah on Palestine and the Palestinians through three generations who have different backgrounds but they all share the same goal and dream which is to find their way to Kuwait.

They believe Kuwait is their hope for survival in this world and by reaching there they will accomplish their dreams. Their dreams are the basic human rights which are having a house with a concrete roof and enough food and money. Abu Qais Abu Qais is the first character in the novel. He is an old man who lost his house and his olive trees and now he is living with his wife and Qais in the refugee camp. Everyday he dreams of returning to his olive trees but he doesn't know how he will go back there after the Jews invaded it. He is forced to move to Kuwait because of his family's economic condition.

His dreams are to come back with enough money to build a house and buy olive trees. Asaad Asaad represents the middle generation, he is being chased by the authorities for his political activities. He is deceived by his father's old friend. The friend took The three men in this novel represent the people who abandoned their homeland in search for a better life. This is what happens to people who abandon their homeland, their death is a shameful and undignified death not like the people who die defending their country where they are honored and looked up to.

Abul Khaizuran represents the leader who betrays his people by promising them to fulfill their dreams but instead he led them to their death and he only cared to fulfill his personal needs. The road represents the struggle of life the characters go through to reach their dreams and the desert represents the obstacles that keep them for achieving the dreams.

The three men had to knock to be saved but the never knocked, the Palestinians need to raise their voice in order to be heard just like knocking on the tank. Get Access. Better Essays. . Good Essays. Character Analysis Of Troy Hector. Satisfactory Essays. Oedipus and Hamlet as Father Figures.

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Men in sun

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