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Carrying a four-leaf clover might work for leprechauns. What types of web sites present the greatest risk? Even social sites, while perhaps not quite as risky, can have a major impact on productivity. Barriers that once stood at the edges of your office network have been annihilated by digital media. Web content filtering is now crucial to network security — not to mention employee productivity — in this emerging environment.

It can be deployed in a of ways, but basically they boil down to two: inline and endpoint filtering. One way to filter web content is to control it at the entry point or gateway to your network. This technique intercepts all web traffic and applies filters that allow or block web access requests. Inline filtering not only saves bandwidth, it goes a long way toward mitigating cyberthreats. Yet, with the shift away from traditional office-bound work routines to a work-from-anywhere culture, the effectiveness of inline filtering has diminished. Endpoint-based filtering protects employee devices from infections, no matter where they connect to the web.

The endpoint filter is then updated periodically from your company network. This method assures that web filtering is always active, no matter which gateway the machine connects through. The downside is that it must be rolled out and maintained at all endpoints. That being said, one advantage of endpoint-based filtering is that it addresses stringent employee privacy regulations that are quickly becoming the norm in Europe and elsewhere around the world.

And finally, while endpoint-based filtering really is the only way to protect a network without boundaries - as most companies now have - ideally it works hand in glove with inline filtering. You must be logged in to post a comment. Share this: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Recent Posts Surefire ways to protect your Why is it important to have a business continuity plan? Think your password is secure? Think again Easy tips to de an effective website Consider these points when purchasing antivirus software.

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