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The week commences with Saturn, the planet of stability, longevity and governs business matters and your career ambition, comes out of its retrograde. And as Saturn is in Aquarius, it will open doorways to creativity and to think outside the box to come up with leading edge ideas and concepts. Do keep in mind though, that Mercury is still retrograde this week, so if things are not coming together as you would like, then be patient. Be mindful that the planetary and transitory energy will give you extra time to put things in place, as in thinking, planning, researching, and setting an action plan.

Mid-week, Venus will interact with Saturn in a way that opens the energy up for possibilities and opportunities. For business, this energy is advantageous to set strong and solid foundations that will have the capacity to bring through good financial return. For relationships, some of you will be talking about moving your love partnership to the next stage.

The Sun Jupiter connection during this week is one of the most favorable and beneficial aspects for the year. Use this energy force to first, recognize opportunities, and then to evaluate if it is something that will serve you well. Not everything that crosses your desk will be worthwhile, whoever, when the Sun and Jupiter connect, you are likely to be presented with more options than you normally have. And just one of these options could be amazing for you, so put time aside to look through what is being presented to you. Finally, Mercury, even though it is still retrograde, out of phase will provide the opportunity to gain clarity about either a relationship or money matter.

Stay open and be flexible! The week commences with a combined energy between communication planet Mercury, and beneficiary planet Jupiter. This is a positive interaction, where ideas and concepts can lead to discussions and development into something great. However, keep in mind that these two planets are both retrograde right now, so this means it is the perfect time for planning, strategizing, and getting organized.

It is also a time when past situations that perhaps have not been resolved can reopen so you can either find closure or sort out a better way that is suitable for all concerned. Venus, the planet that governs relationships and monetary matters, will move from sassy Scorpio to the more freedom loving of Sagittarius mid-week. On the monetary side of life, Venus in Sagittarius can certainly help you spend your cash, so be careful not to go over your budget with an impulsive spending spree. Look to the future and plan your money accordingly. Money management is important now and for your future.

Later in the week, the powerful energy of the Sun will connect with both action planet Mars and Mercury. Mars will prompt you to rush forward and put things into action, and although life does not always wait for Mercury to come out of retrograde, if possible, it would be best to take a step back and consider your timing, and go over all the pros and cons. However, there is a great deal of excitement around these connections, and you can use this energy to get things in place.

This week, start planning, get clarity, and get excited about life, what you want and how you are going to move forward to make it a reality!! We are a PR agency working with a variety of brands and talent, and are avid readers of your horoscopes we do not miss a day. Your words truly speak to each of us, relating to our lives in ways we could not even begin to imagine. From the Libras to the Capricorn, we take our daily horoscope re very seriously and it has become a ritual amongst the entire office.

Jennifer is always so on point with many things, detailed readings with the desire to guide. Jennifer has helped me to find my own way. Jennifer's insight into the details of how the planets are aligned at birth is amazing. I have had in the past my birth and transit chart done and in no way did it resemble the quality of work that Jennifer offers. I highly recommend that you connect with Jennifer to validate that your life lessons and gifts are used in the right and soulful way.

You will be grounded in your soul's destiny and your life lessons. Blessings and love. Learn how to manifest the life of your dreams and live your life and soul purpose. A friend or lover can show you their true colors. And what you see, whether it is good or bad, will give you a clear indication of where the relationship is heading. At work, compromise is essential, but do not settle for an arrangement that does not fit well with you. A love lightning bolt can hit you when least expected - get ready to share your deepest feelings. You have a chance during this time to heal an old wound and revive a friendship.

At work, step back and observe a situation before you say or do anything. If you have a secret, keep it to yourself. You could end up doing damage control if you confide in the wrong person. Start socializing, even if it is electronically. Put effort into your personal appearance; an image overhaul could be just what you need. Clear the schedule for romance! Venus, the love planet, sends cupid in your direction.

At work, be careful of passing judgment before you know the whole story. Keep an open mind, as a new opportunity could be just what you need right now. New development can put the power in your hands to make life-changing decisions, so choose your next steps carefully. With love, to get what you want, reveal how you feel. Intensify your WOW factor with an image overhaul! An instant attraction can have your heart doing somersaults, but keep in mind to build a strong friendship. Be careful not to force an issue that involves a creative venture, and instead, let things take their natural course.

This week, you can connect with the right people, and magically, the pieces can fall into place. A milestone event can bond you to a family member like never before. It is time to put the past aside and embrace what the future has in store for you. A lucky breakthrough at work gets you noticed by those who count.

With love, focus on the big picture, and overlook petty details. Career recognition can give your ego a boost and make all your hard work worthwhile! Communication with family members can cause a whirlwind of social activity.

Expect the best! Cosmic luck shines on you right now. To succeed at the love game, prepare to compromise. A little give and take will go a long way in sealing the love deal. Take careful control of your cash flow.

And as human errors can occur, double-check all financial exchanges. At work, be creative to be competitive. You want to play fair, but remember, you are out to win. To attract love, look for a deep bond. This is a positive time to incorporate a new financial management system that can help boost your bank balance. And whether it is about love or money, it is time to stand up for yourself and do what is right for you, not what others think you should do. Life is hectic and happening right now and, it is important to focus on your end game.

In other words, there is no time to waste on trivial concerns. When it involves money, let go of a situation to open the door to something new. But make sure you do your research. The energy from planet Mars in your gives you the motivation to manifest your dreams. And the energy of the new Moon in your can present opportunities. So, if you come up against a brick wall, be creative and focus on the solution. Loving moments create loving memories.

This is a positive time for you where your personal and professional life can move ahead. However, it is up to you to take charge to gain the outcome you want. Wonderful things are destined to take place in your life! Your instincts are sharp, and your top priorities are love and money. Better times are on the horizon.

Jennifer angel aries

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