Interracial dating in new orleans

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Home What's new Latest activity Authors. Forums Trending. What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Register. What's new. Log in. Install the app. Change style. . Close Menu. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Interesting Facts about Interracial Dating 1 Viewer. Interesting Facts about Interracial Dating. I wasn't looking to date a Jamaican woman but she was introduced to me through a mutual friend and I've never been happier. This was new territory for both of us because before me, she had never dated a white guy, much less one who is Irish, from the South New Orleans , former Marine, currently Federal Agent and it doesn't help that I seriously look like Vic Mackey aka "The Shield" or a hit man for the Irish Mob and she is this sweet, VERY Petite, very dark, Jamaican girl with a very thick accent.

Even in a city as accepting of just about anything and anybody, we still get some looks like "That is one strange couple". I'm sure i have some family or friends that do not approve of this very serious relationship but I don't give a crap. I do not judge or discriminate against anyone simply because the color of their skin. It what's inside that matters. I'm planning to bring her with me to New Orleans to meet my family and friends and I really hope people can see what a wonderful, warm hearted, loving, amazing woman the is and not be distracted or ugly simply all they see is her very dark skin.

She is a little concerned about visiting the "South" because even though we see a lot more mixed race couples in New Orleans but it is usually a Black man with a White girl. I'm trying to convince her that we will get some disapproving looks and somebody might even be stupid enough to say something but overall we'll be fine. I'm very interested in what y'all think we should expect with regard to just everyday interactions with strangers or just hanging out in the quarter.

I'll post some pics just to give y'all an image to work with. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated Thanks, Troy Below is a clip from the article with the link at the top of the post African-American men had white wives 2. In other words, in 73 percent of black-white marriages, the husband was black. This trend is even more pronounced among black-white couples who cohabit without being married; in this case, five times as many black men live with white women as white men live with black women.

Dougd Guest. Family and friends were very accepting. The older generations still hold tight to their history. Dougd said:. Click to expand Thanks for the input guys Casterfield I'm Alive. ed Feb 9, Messages 1, Reaction score Location orange park, fla. David Super Forum Fanatic. ed Sep 14, Messages 5, Reaction score 84 Age I would be looking too but that's because she is beautiful! Congrats on finding a wonderful women they are hard to find! Saint77 Burrrrrrrsitis! I cant speak for the south, but I know that here in Ohio, if you stay in the cities, you will largely get no grief.

I do believe that more blacks would object in the larger cities then whites would, and it would be correspondingly opposite in the rural areas. Greatness Tartar Sauce!!! I'm glad that you have found someone to love. I'm a firm believer that love has no color. Just do ya thing. I get called names every now and then because I'm real light, but oh well. My brother has been married to a black woman for almost 20 years and they have 2 beautiful boys.

The wedding was beautiful and everyone of my relatives that may have had a problem with it said that they had never seen my brother so happy and they were happy for him. I guess it was because when Penn. State was out for the summer, there were not a lot of African-Americans in town. When they came to visit me here in Lafayette, I can't say I noticed anyone who seemed to care.

My parents are in their 80s and have been to their son's bi-racial wedding and their niece's gay wedding. Their attitude has been "as long as they are happy, we are happy for them. Saint by the Bay Administrator Staff member. ShoelessTroy said:. ed Dec 8, Messages 4, Reaction score 5, Age Troy, you grew up in River Ridge, so I probably don't have to tell you this, but just in case Just tell em "It is what it is" LickenKittens Very Banned.

ed Sep 27, Messages 7, Reaction score 6, Me and my wives closest friends are an interracial couple. Our sons are best buds. They've been very lucky. Both of their families are very supportive. Whenever they have a party or cookout both families are there and it's doesn't have that "awkward" feeling in the air. To the OP, congratulations on meeting your sweetheart. I would just say that if race isn't an issue for you two, then it's less likely to be an issue with others. People are ignorant for sure, but two people being comfortable and confident is a strong influence in public.

In a word Those who mind don't matter, and those that matter won't mind. Pretty corny, I know. But as with most corny things there is a certain truth to it. Show hidden low quality content. It's easy! Log in Already have an ? Log in here. Users who are viewing this thread. Total: 2 members: 0, guests: 2. New Orleans Saints Twitter Feed.

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Interracial dating in new orleans

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