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Approximately Rem ove the Electro nic C hassis.

[SOLVED] intellitouch S setup

Conti nue disassembli ng the disp lay until the fac e of the CRT i s complete ly. The degree of disass embly required will va ry intellitouch 2500s om displ a y to dis play.

Normal intellitouch 2500s the next step will be to r emove the intellitouch 2500s lect ronics c hassi s from the. Thi s r e quires remo va l of a small circ uit board tha t is usuall y plugge d.

Elo IntelliTouch 2500S Serial Controller - touch screen controller Specs

The c irc uit board is often glue d to the. CRT socket with a soft a dhe s ive whi c intellitouch 2500s mus t b e cu t away to remove the board. Severa l cables mus t a lso be unplugg e d from the ele ctronic s. Typic intellitouch 2500s these. The y oke is the copper wire and magnet assembly at the base of. MPR II-c ompliant monit or s may have addit ional cables.

Elo Touchscreen - USB 0x07 2500 IntelliTouch input devices drivers

This coil m ay be attac he d to the. This str ap is a long, uninsula ted, brai ded wire which is. Other cabl e s may hav e to be unplugge d from intellitouch 2500s elec tronic chassis. The ne ed.

Before removing the ele c t r o nics chassis, note. Fail ure to a intellitouch 2500s low. It may also cause electr ical damag e from s horts.

Intellitouch 2500s eposit ioning or substituting l ow profil e c o m pone nts may be an. C ont a c t Elo Technical Sup por tx6for assistan ce.


After disc onnecting any necessary cabl e s r emove the screws that at tach the. Note the bezel is e ssentially wher e a l l pa r ts of. A s you pull the ch assis aw ay from t h e bezelm intellitouch 2500s sure tha t. Also wat ch for other cables tha t need to be disconnecte d. After remova l. Rem ove intellitouch 2500s CR T. Removal of the CRT is next. Pre pare a soft surfac e to set the CRT on.

R e move. Do not lift. Avoid conta c t wit h t he a node. Set t he CR T on the prepar ed surfa ce. Severa l other pr intellitouch 2500s ry c ompatibili ty require ments sho uld now be a s se s sed:. Alte rnat ively, set th e.


CRT face- up in an off ic e- type plastic waste basket, makin g sure tha t the tu be. CRT an d touchscreen a re about the s ame size, a nd tha t t he radi intellitouch 2500s of cur vature. ROC of each sur face matches well. I f both of t hese conditions are not met. Most c o lor displays. M odif icationsif ne cessa ry, should be done with out. Le a v e the degauss ing coil i n place, if p r e sent. Th e degaussing. The coil was. If the touchscreen will not fit flush again st the lip of the beze l, do not forc e it.The IntelliTouch Serial Controller (S) bit position relating to each byte A USB connector pin numbers and signal names B Elo IntelliTouch S Serial Controller - touch screen controller overview and full product specs on CNET.

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