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Delivery Options see all. Free International Shipping. Our full services include drum scanning, Imacon scanning, retouching, color correction, printing imacon scanner mounting.

Hands-on Review. In imacon scanner way the full color range of the original is extracted from the scan. This is due to its gamma of 3.

DMax of 4. Our full services include drum scanning, Imacon scanning, imacon scanner, color correction, printing and mounting. Aperture size 57mm x 78 mm e. Gebraucht, guter Arbeitszustand.

Chromira digital C-prints Precise process management and proprietary equipment modifications produce incredible print quality on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. Looking for imacon scanner else I can try, since Hasselblad has not been particularly helpful.


The scanner has been in Paris for maintainance but the problem remains. Email Address. Keep up with the latest in Photography Join for access to over in depth articles, hundreds of hours of video tutorials and access to the imacon scanner Photography forum.

The Imacon Flextight Photo Scanner Shutterbug

I stumbled across an old Flextight online one day, emailed the seller, drove upstate to pick it up, and put it in the passenger seat with a fastened seat belt on for the trip back. If you are taking the time to shoot medium or large format, then to get truly fine prints, the whole chain must be right. Although the resulting negative was close to normal in its density range it was a challenge to print because the tone differences were so close together. However, this negative scanned by the Imacon Photo to make a digital file with incredible detail and excellent definition of all of the tones imacon scanner the scene from deep shadows to fully detailed highlights, even revealing detail inside the brightly lit rooms of many of the buildings.

Things We Love: Imacon Flextight 646 Film Scanner

While selecting film images for my tests I happened onto a 6x4. The transparency made from the negative still looked great, but the scan from the 6x4. This very successful color negative scan was no fluke as I followed it with many others with equally challenging subject attributes, all of which yielded entirely satisfactory image files comparable to scans one expects from good quality transparencies. The 3F workflow also allows you to produce final TIFF images, cropped and corrected, with a imacon scanner click of a button. The Imacon Flextight Photo scanner comes with a stand-alone application driver providing automated and detailed image quality and color adjustment capabilities supporting the Apple Macintosh and PC Windows computer platforms. The Imacon Flextight Photo professional film scanner.

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Latest Trending Photos Videos. Tiger's Eye Waters. I am wondering if it isn't imacon scanner to go public and try to drum up support from Flexcolor users somehow to show Hasselblad that they're leaving quite a few people in the ditch.


Not sure how that could be done, though. Any ideas? I mean, emailing customer support won't go very far, methinks. Perhaps the way to go is to press Hasselblad to provide Ed Hamrick with the necessary technical information to enable future software support though his Vuescan software package.Explora Photography Hands-on Review Things We Love: Imacon scanner Flextight Well, maybe I had some loose judgement one day but, after years of debate, I finally convinced myself to get my dream piece of equipment: an Imacon Flextight film scanner (or the Hasselblad Flextight. The new generation of Hasselblad scanners, the Flextight X1 and X5, are both built around the same foundation.

A vertical optical system allows the CCD to face.

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