Dating hardy fishing rods

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Moderator: TheMontyMan. Hardy 'G' Serial dating This is the board to ask about the identity, or for an appraisal, of a rod. Please use the outline as explained on the board. If there is a makers name, list that in the subject line. Make sure you include the length, of sections, any identifying markings and the general condition.

Adding photographs is always helpful! Post Reply. Contact Cadnorods. The records for the period September until June are missing Year Gnome, I had posted that table in my pm to you but I see it didn't work! Hope these help all us confused Hardy collectors! Maker of Cadno Silk Lines.

I am going to start the parade and hopefully it is a long one!!!! Think we could put one of these together for rogue Leonards that have no serial s? Jeff 2 or also. You lucky man! One of the very best Hardy tapers. Blued brass unreinforced 'spike' ferrules. Green silk whips, steel english twist snakes, chrome steel 'Bridge' stripper and unfortunately wrong late replacement tip rings.

Correct Hardy 4-compartment bag. G 'The No. I also have a pre-G 16' 6" no. You'd need to be a tough man to fish that all day for springers in January! Many thanks for the information! It needs only the dried whippings redone to fish - which I'm going to do I have long classed trout with flowers and birds and bright sunsets, and charming scenery, and beautiful women, as given for the rational enjoyment and delight of thoughtful men of aesthetic tastes.

George W. Van Siclen It is built in the same style as my buddies CC De France rod. It came in an appropriate brown Hardy bag, is nine feet and casts a wt line. Leonard Sea Rod No. I would assume that this rod was built during the war years and that Greenheart was more readily available than bamboo during WWII, was this the rod building material of choice during these years?

It seems strange that, if this was made during that era, that it has knurled brass rings on a full cork grip, would have thought that other metals would have been used. Re: Hardy 'G' Serial dating Are these rods valuable? I know that Hardy are one of the best rods you can buy. Some information on it would be great. I have pictures of the rod if that will help. I am not sure how to put them on here. If you e mail me at bigman hotmail.

Thank you very much,. The serial is G - year It is a 10' 7'' two hand, two piece fly rod with "The "Pike" Rod" written just above the handle. The rod is made of wood, of cause, not bamboo. The top half is ificantly darker than the bottom half. In fact, they seem to crafted from different types of wood.

Guides are double footed with black windings some windings are not original, it seems. It has brass ferrules and the female ferrule has a beautiful cork to keep out dirt and keep the sharp edges from damaging the transport bag. The bag is khaki and in good condition - no holes. The reel mount seems to be aluminium?

The handle is 1' 10''. The rod is in very good condition indeed. Thank you for making this dating information available Regards.

Dating hardy fishing rods

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