Dating emily osment

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Almost every millennial and Gen Z kid knows who Emily Osment is. Even before her iconic role as Lilly Truscott in the hit Disney series Hannah Montana , Osment had been working in Hollywood since she was a small child. After that, she starred in hit shows like The Kominsky Method and Almost Family, and she voiced various characters in the animated show Family Guy. From her pop music to her acting career, it seems as though Osment keeps dishing out new surprises.

One of the biggest surprises is what's happened in her dating life. While many people secretly wished that she and former Hannah Montana co-star Mitchel Musso would've dated in real life, she's dated a lot of other dreamboats. From actors and YouTubers to normal nice guys, Emily Osment has had an interesting dating history.

Yet somehow, she keeps her dating life as private as she can. In late , Tony Oller and Emily Osment were spotted together multiple times, looking snuggly. Not much is known about their relationship, although they were together for quite a few months via WhosDatedWho. Osment's next public relationship wasn't until the following year, with fellow actor Nathan Keyes. Since Osment keeps her relationship details more private than most, not too much is known. But what we do know is that they dated a little over 18 months and took many photos together, per WhosDatedWho.

An Instagram post from shows that they're still good friends today! Osment's next beau was Jimmy Tatro, who dated the Disney alum for a few years. In an interview via YouTube , Tatro said the pair met through a mutual friend. Emily Osment decided to stop dating celebrities and started dating current boyfriend, Jim Gilbert.

She started dropping hints on her Instagram in the summer of and quickly revealed him less than a year later. According to J14 , who first disclosed their relationship, they found out that he's a "normal" guy who worked at Verdugo Hills Autism Project. Whether or not he still works there is unknown. Nearly five years later and the pair still seem like they're on Cloud 9, via her Instagram.

Dating emily osment

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