Christmas song i wish my family was here

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Blast these family-friendly Christmas songs to get the kids singing and dancing while they deck the halls and wait for Santa. The best Christmas songs can do so much more than set the scene for a holiday party. Whether you're wrapping presents, baking cookies, or driving to Grandma's house, turning on a few holiday tunes can pretty much guarantee even the grumpiest Grinches will get into the spirit of the season.

And thanks to Spotify, now you can skip the hit-or-miss holiday radio station and curate a playlist that's perfect for kids. To save you some valuable time to shop for presents, we rounded up our favorite family-friendly Christmas songs for every occasion. All you have to do is download and hit play! Consider it a simple way to get Santa's helpers and his little elves feeling magical inside all season long.

Hauling all the decorations out of a box hidden in the basement all year long and transforming your house into a winter wonderland could be considered a chore. But with a little festive soundtrack and something yummy to sip, decorating can become a fun family activity and a perfect prelude to the most wonderful time of the year! The children are in bed and you have a pile of presents to wrap, pop on these Christmas hits and get working until your living room looks like Santa's workshop! Kids love to help in the kitchen and holiday baking, in particular, just feels special.

Play these food-inspired Christmas songs for kids while your little sous chefs help you to chop, roll, and bake the most delicious festive foods. Christmas Eve is arguably the most exciting night of the whole season. Little ones will barely be able to contain their excitement that Santa will be paying them a visit while they sleep. For adults, it's a time to remember the sheer magic of Christmas.

As the evening winds down, play these classic Christmas tracks and get ready for the big day. The presents are ready to unwrap! Blast these family favorite Christmas s loud and get the whole family in the festive mood. Christmas often involves long drives to see different family members.

Keep the kids entertained by playing these fun and cheerful singalong favorites. Before long you'll know all the verses as well as the more famous chorus lines! Christmas is a wonderful time of year but it can also be tiring and stressful for parents. Once the kids are tucked up in bed you still need to finish wrapping presents, decorating, and preparing food. Select this romantic playlist with grown-ups in mind and focus on why you are both putting in so much effort this holiday season.

Christmas parties and family dance-a-thons demand upbeat festive tunes. Press play on this collection of funky and fast tunes and get moving! Carols with nativity themes have a certain nostalgia that brings home the real meaning of Christmas. Sang all together in unison Christmas carols raise the spirits, here are some of the best for kids. The season doesn't have to end as soon as the wrapping paper has been torn off all the gifts.

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Christmas song i wish my family was here

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