Chill girl 4 guy

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This is part two of the 'Pick Me Girl' episode. In this episode, we discuss the version of the 'Pick Me Girl' called the "Chill Girl" and how she has come up in our lives. This concept was started on a viral POV video on TikTok talking about a "Chill Girl" who is friends with a girls boyfriend and is somehow just always--around. From what we have seen in the comment section of these videos, this scenerio resonates with so many other women.

With that, it seemed fitting to expand on this universal female experience. Hi everybody and welcome to the girl. Ihear you podcast a podcast where we talk big ideas, everything from themysteries and laws of the universe to empowerment and how we can reach ourfull potentials.

I'm Brittany and I'm holly we're two friends that found thatour greatest connection was our ability to have deep conversations,conversations that went below the surface and always left us feelingintrigued inspired and hungry. To learn more, we decided to take thoseconversations that we were already having and put them into a podcast, apodcast where we hope to entire others to dik keep into their thoughts andseek out the answers within them be prepared for AUTHENSIV conversationbecause we're not going to hold back we're constantly seeking yo're, alwayslearning the most importantly, we're listening because girl, I hear you so Brittany have you ever heard of, ordo you know what a chill girl is?

Well, yes, the only thing I've reallyseen that really like clicks for me on the chill girl was this tick. Tak thatI saw Iwas Goinna bring up I've seen a few about the chill girl and it's likethe girl who's. Like you know, the the girl shows up withher girlfriend and the chill girl comes up, like, oh, my God, girl you're sure, like I know it's kindof hot yeah yeah, but like it's stil cute, though you Knoh, my God, likethey they're like doing backhanded compliments, but then they also try torelate to you to seem cool in front of the boyfriend.

You know it's like it'sreally weird anyway, you take it away and that's what I know of it. Okay, soyou have no because it's it's like a very specific type of picmy girl that Idon't know if it's like a commonly known thing. Yeah were commonly knownlike concept, but it was like I because I saw the same ticktack or variationsof it where it's like Jason. Oh, I didn't realize you were bringing yourgirlfriend hia and when I saw these videos I was likethat's it.

It was like a light ball like that's it. It's because ill girl,yes, and I could never put it into words, but this is something that Ihave and I'm like, very excited about it in a weird way, but, like I was very like I have witnessed this in life,where I have seen a girl who is like being very flirtatious with,like the group of guys that she's with or maybe a particular one were like. Oh,we were such close buddies like back in college right and kind of will likemake subtle jabs at the other, like thegirlfriend rigkt, her feel Likye ye like I don't know something somethingabout this isn't right right, but then a lot of times the guy is unaware ofwhat is going on.

Of course, they I'm glad, and I would read the commentson tick tack of those videos and people would belike. I sent this to my boyfriend. He finally understands what I'm talkingabout righ like yes, yes, yes, yes, right, T at's, that's such a commonthing, I'm like I'm glad other people see this, but you know a lot of times,you'll, see or heare being like. Oh well. You're you're being insecure,you're just jealous, but I think the women's intuition is a very powerfulthing.

Women can sometimes be like. I don'tknow that doesn't feel right. This doesn't sit well with me. Yes, but yeah. Just that whole concept of like I'm going to be, I'm going to be very likelike we're chill we're best friends me and Kyle, and then, like oh you're,such a fun. I love your girlfriend she's such a fun. Little addition justlike very a little kindon sending Like oh girl, weshould hang out some time, but they do it in a nice way. So the guy doesn't itgoes over their head, the like they don't see it because they're, like ohthey're, just being a noise girl, they're being to and then like, andthen they might reminisce about the good old days and it might make theother girl be like wait s there like a thing between you to what's going onyeah and I've.

Had I've had friends talk about other girls. I havewitnessed this myself. Yes and it's it's something. That's like! Oh, likeguess. This is, this is a very specific pickmy girl and it has a veryfrustrating thing, but I'm wondering like have you ever dealt with this orhave you ever seen it yes in in a little bit, but I think youknow who I'm talking about?

No do you know just tell me: Do you knowhow I'm got's going? No mention, I'm not going to say their name. My notewas sarcastic. I know right, okay, anyway, the girl who, of course, ischill they like to reminisc on good times, which okay, no big deal. Ofcourse, I'm sure Youe had good times of your friends but, like I don't know- and it's like you wonder,if they're even doing it on purpose, and I almost wonder what the chill girllike do- they actually want your boyfriend, or did they just feel somekind of power by making you feelingsecure like what is it like?

Youknow what I mean. I think it's probably a power thing right, butthey don't actually care about like getting with your boyfriend. Necessarily they might well, it depends it might. It might be what if there waslike an attraction there or like yeah, maybe they did hook up or at some pointyeah whatever, but then it never really worked out right. She was attracted. Who knows, therecould be a lot of instances, and maybe she was a little. Maybe a new girlcomes around and she's Jealous Beoes, like Oh shit like man, we I don't knowthere could be jealousy there might there might have been some feelings oryeah an attraction, but then I do think that there's this scenario where maybethe girl was one of the guys and hung out with all the guys- and she was oneof the boys and then hone of the boys brings around a girlfriend right.

Shefeels threatened because she's like Oh, I'm, not the special one anymore right,yeah, exactly yeah and then like so she has to dothings like you know, jump on your boyfriend's back in front of you andlike get a piggy back ride and stuff you do you not remember that? How could I forget, because I think I was more uxset aboutit? I think you were you were.

I saw that and I was like what the Hell- Oh,my God, Oh man, she just gro, just trying to prove that like she's, solittle and cute, and just like this petite, you know like yes, I know what you mean. Sorry, I'mnot little and cute. No, I feeling secure you dumb as bitch. You are Littlin. Thank you anyway. Moving on, let's not go there,yes, so I have experienced it yes and it's it's a very frustrating thing,because she, the chill girl, is also smart,she's, smart because she's like if I thought, start to look like a bitchhe's going to hate me too yep and exactly I don't want to be that person.

I think I have definitely been there have been scenarios. I think maybe I've had this tendencynot like I had like. I was never like Actually, I don't think I'veever had thit. I've never really experienced this. What you being thechill girl yeah, I'm trying to think if I ever really was, I I've never had theopportunity, I don't think no. I have't had the opportunity I'm going to cutcut this whole thing out because I was like I am.

I was like wait. No, I neverreally never really did yeah anyway. I don't sue that for you, so yeah they're, just very very sneaky and we they are sneaky, is annoying and theguy doesn't pick up on it, but the girl they totally know what you're doing orat least hiy know somethings, not not right. I know and then like where ielike people, I've talked to me. Experiencing this first hand, I'm likeWellmy, am I just being insecure or are they just being insecure? Am Mi goingcrazy? Do I have anything to worry about and you go through all thesefeelings, but I guess for my experience, it's kind of like trust, your trust,your guy.

If something doesn't feel right, it's not like I it's not likefor me. I haven't looked at every single woman that any guy I've dated orRiley like look at I'm like o ther. You can't talk to them. Ther good right. There have been a select few who I've been like.

This doesn't feelright. I've had situations where they've had a friend m. That was a girlthat they were close with, and I would feel weird about it and I'm like Oh,this isn't like this is this makes me uncomfortable yeah, I'm just toldyou're being insecure. You need to get over it and then come to find out. Iwas actually right the whole time, doit happene, to me a lot wore s he's likeyou know a exboyfriend might be like. Oh, don't worry about her youave,nothing to worry about aand. You did and I had every single reason to beworried about it. Exactly Trust your gut people.

Chill girl 4 guy

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