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Selector 7: Allowable instantaneous interrupt during reception of 1st dial tone This selector sets the allowable instantaneous interrupt period that should be ignored during reception of the 1st dial tone.

Selectors 1 through 3: 1st dial tone detection time length Upon detection of the 1st dial tone for the time length set by these selectors, the machine starts dialing. Selectors 4 and 5: Time-out length for 1st and 2nd dial tone brother dcp 7025 r These selectors set the time-out length for the 1st and 2nd dial tone detection so that the machine waits dial tone input for the specified time length and disconnects itself from the line when no dial tone is inputted.

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For communications lines with higher bit error rate, however, set selector 1 to "1" so that the machine can divide a message into octet frames. Remarks: The error correction mode ECM is a facsimile transmission manner in which the machine divides a message into frames for transmission so that if any data error occurs on the transmission line, the machine retransmits only those brother dcp 7025 r containing the error data. If it is set to "1," the machine will use standard commands only.


Selectors 3 and 4: No. Selectors 7 and 8: Timeout for response from the called station in automatic sending mode If the machine calling station receives no response no G3 command from the called terminal in automatic sending mode for the period specified by these selectors, it disconnects the line. Selector 2: Time length from transmission of the last dial digit to CML ON This selector sets the time length from when the machine transmits the last dial digit until the CML relay comes on. This setting does not apply to switching between facsimile and telephone. Selectors 5 and 6: No. Selectors 1 and 2: Busy tone frequency band control These selectors set the frequency band for busy tone to be detected. If more than one selector is set to "1," the ranges become wider.

For example, if selectors 4 and 5 are set to "1," the ON and OFF time length ranges are from to ms. Selectors 1 through brother dcp 7025 r Min.

Selectors 5 and 6: Min. That is, if the machine continuously detects a CI signal with the frequency set by selectors 1 through 4 on WSW14 during the period set by brother dcp 7025 r selectors 5 and brother dcp 7025 r, then it acknowledges the call. To make the line connection stable, this selector should be set to "0" so that a line is connected in a ringer-OFF period. Selectors 1 and 2: Cable equalizer These selectors are used to improve the pass-band characteristics of analogue signals on a line.

Attenuation in the high-band frequency is greater than in the low-band frequency. Set these selectors according to the distance brother dcp 7025 r the telephone switchboard to the machine. Selectors 3 and 4: Reception level These selectors set the optimum receive signal level. Selectors 5 through 8: Modem attenuator These selectors are used to adjust the transmitting level attenuation of the modem when the reception level at the remote station is improper due to line loss.

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This function applies for G3 protocol signals. Setting two or more selectors to "1" produces addition of attenuation assigned to each selector. If selector 8 on WSW23 is set to "0," this setting is so limited that 10 dB 1 dB in Brother dcp 7025 r or higher setting only is effective. Note that in Japan and China, 9 dB or higher and 2 brother dcp 7025 r or higher settings only are effective, respectively, regardless of whether selector 8 on WSW23 is set to "0.


In the French models, if the user sets the PBX to OFF from the control panel, the setting made brother dcp 7025 r selectors 1 and 2 will take no effect and the frequency's lower limit will be fixed to 32 Hz. Even if the setting made by these selectors does not apply, it will be printed on the configuration list.

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Selectors 5 through 8: No. Selectors 1 through 6: Redial interval and No. Selector 8: CRP option If a command error brother dcp 7025 r in the machine calling stationthe machine usually waits for three seconds and then makes a retry three times. This CRP option is a request command that can be sent from the called station for requesting the calling station to retry the failed command immediately. If it is set to "0," it communicates in native superfine mode. Selector 7: Max.Dimensions (W x D x H), x x mm.

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Weight, kg. Document Input Width (ADF), - mm.

Document Input Length (ADF), - mm. The Windows XP "Add Printer Wizard Driver" is compatible with Windows Server What's New? 05/07/ BRAdmin ProfessionalWin10 / Win10 x

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