Best swimsuits for pear shaped body

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As an affiliate, Answearable earns from qualifying purchases at NO cost to you. Learn More. This post is for you if you wanna know how to choose the most flattering swimsuits for a pear-shaped plus size. In a hurry? Jump directly to the swimsuits specifically recommended for a plus size pear by clicking here. Otherwise, read on to learn the best styling principles for your body type. First off, consider yourself lucky for having one of the body types that retain the waist definition after a weight gain.

Sure, the bulging tummy is there, but with the magic of the right swimsuit, that can be remedied easily. Your shoulders are also slimmer unlike apple and inverted triangle , making you look more feminine and less flat. Most pear-shaped ladies consider their tummy and massive hips as their main problem area.

If your goal is to make your hips and tummy appear slimmer, keep the following in mind when shopping for a swimsuit:. Note : Some pear ladies want to keep their hips as the most pronounced part of their body. To slim down your tummy fats, wear one piece and high waisted bikinis with attached tummy control. Tummy control panels tuck in the tummy bulge comfortably while retaining the definition of your waist. Want more tummy control swimsuits? Use prints and colors to your advantage. You can use them to either highlight or camouflage a certain body part.

The goal is to enhance your upper body shoulders and breasts as well as draw the attention away from your hips. This way, you can achieve a more balanced proportion. When it comes to your bikini tops, go for bright colors and prints. The opposite is true for your hips. You can. However, when you do, always bear in mind that your bikini top should always outshine your bikini bottom.

Bikini and tankini tops with crochet, ruffles, and frills add volume to your bust and make it less narrow and more defined. Meaning, away from your hips. Pear-shaped plus size ladies tend to have small to average breasts. They enhance your bust by defining your cleavage. Or you can go for Upbra. Upbra functions like a push-up bra, but only better— in terms of comfort, material, and mechanism.

It allows the wearer to adjust her cleavage at 4 different levels. The farther apart the hooks are, the more enhanced the cleavage appears. Vertical and diagonal stripes are slimming while horizontal stripes are widening.

But if you want to show some butt cheek, expect to still look great in it. Cheeky bikini bottoms create the illusion of a toned and firm booty. I specifically curated them to fit only a plus size pear for a seamless shopping. In fact, I probably own all styles except one: skinny jeans. The good news? Note: This Belly bulge, love handles, tummy fats. We may call them different names but in one thing we all agree: When dressing up, we want them hidden, camouflaged, downplayed.

Heck, even an hourglass-shaped woman with the most well-defined waist still If you have broad shoulders and large bust, then you probably have one of these body types: hourglass, apple, inverted triangle, plus size or muscular rectangle. If both of these apply to Written by Andrea. Table of Contents.

Best swimsuits for pear shaped body

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