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I love this place! I visit it quite often. This one is my fav but the one on Lancaster is pretty good too. However this one has the most awesome employees ever. They know the products well and are not afraid to discuss any thing with you. They make you feel comfortable and I always buy lots of goodies.

I mostly love the lingerie. Truthfully we have a blast here. We laugh with the employees and over all just really have fun when we come here Best ever!!! He made us feel welcomed. Thank you so much. Also the products are amazing.

Love that i could sample some of the flavored lubes before i made a purchase. Applied for a job and went in for an interview. They asked if I was attached to my face piercings and I said yes and they said they wouldnt even consider me for the position if I wasnt going to take them out. Considering this is an adult entertainment store Im more than appalled for being rejected for facial piercings. If I saw myself working at an adult shop I would be so eager to ask questions an open up and probably buy something just because someone who looks like me works there.

Sad that their capitalist professionalism got the better of them. This was a BIG store, great parking, nice location, and Im pretty sure the lady working is Sam, the one everyone is talking about on here , is pretty much what everyone is saying, she was super nice and friendly and great customer service.

She even got me to leave with an item cuz she was that good. I loved the arcade, another thing that was super big and A LOT It has got to the cleanest and great buys and a very friendly and helpful staff everytime. Staff member Jessica is attentive and friendly, knowledgable. Asks questions but lets you browse on your own, which some people prefer. Very respectful and made me feel comfortable.

Appreciated her use of words like partner s when discussing features of products, because it is more open and inclusive, which places like this ought to be. Sam is an awesome employee. Very helpful and funny. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease for something so sensitive. Thanks Sam you rock!!! Im so excited , like a kid in a candy store every time I go in there. Astro glide and a few movies calls for a night of self love. Wish I could buy and try out all these wonderful toys n stuff.

Sam was so helpful, she was professional and extreme knowledgable. She was very patient. I will certainly be back as I am very comfortable here. Assistant Manager Sam was amazing. Sam was amazing at her details in what i was looking for.. All organizations All cities. Adult Shop. Visit the website. Sam is a pro at PR. Best asstant in the state. Great associates that work there. Working hours. Similar organizations.

Adult shop salem or

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