A friend or maybe more

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After asking a guy what he's looking for, this was his answer. Relationship was not mentioned. No idea what this is about or what's being asked Is that it? Is this off a dating app or on a screen? Don't respond to the one liners like this. They are a dime a dozen. He has probably copy and pasted that to 20 other women who asked the same question that month. We are chatting on a dating website. I like to ask guys what they are looking for so as not to waste my time. Isn't the guy supposed to ask for my , and not the other way around? Do you know him? Have you met yet?

Relationship v. Casual sex is completely determined by your actions, not 20 questions games. It doesn't matter what they say on a dating profile or with "what are you looking for" questions. What helps is not being misled or derailed by talk and paying careful attention to interest in you in particular rather than broad based general dating goals. He is being aggressive. The way he is talking and acting, I would guess he's done this many times in the past and is looking for sex. Why should you call him?

Is there anything in his profile that stands out? I'm not opposed to calling someone first and have called prefer it over texting. You seem unsure which gives me the impression that he doesn't say much on his profile, his texts are more or less vague and mysterious and he might even ask you what you're wearing while on the phone. If it doesn't sound appropriate to you don't respond - block and delete that profile from contacting you again.

There are decent people to talk to and get to know. You won't be wondering why they're asking to call you if it's left field either or totally awkward in the conversation. It doesn't sound like this feels right but I'm basing this mostly on your reaction to his request. Chatting on a dating site is not dating.

You're there to arrange a first meet if it makes sense. A first meet is not a date. It's to see if you should go on a date. No, a man who is looking for friendship and to hook up is not necessarily emotionally unavailable. He is telling you his goal in speaking with you. His goal is to meet in person and if he is sexually attracted to you he will pursue sex with you.

He might be totally available for a relationship or he may be uninterested in a relationship with anyone right now, or just not seeing potential for one with you. It's a free country - you might be interested in meeting up to have sex so he figured he'd mention that no he is not looking for friends on a dating site -it's a dating site. I used to put on my profile my relationship goals -marriage and family -and only chat with men who put the same.

We'd exchange one or two messages, then talk by phone -I would ask for his or he would ask me -and I screened by phone. If I felt it could be a pleasant time meeting him for about an hour in public I'd set up a meeting -typically he would ask or I would. Then one more phone call sometimes to confirm.

Out of the men I met in person- or more -through dating sites there were only a very few where we spent more time on the phone or chatting than what I described. I met really good people for the most part. Several of them have amazing kids now, growing so fast! I don't know about his emotional availability, but his response strikes me as lazy and passive. I wouldn't see it as lazy or passive -it's just -what it is - he is answering that, with respect to her question, he's interested in getting to know her and then he'll see.

All kinds are on these sites-looking for all sorts of arrangements. When I was on dating sites you had to write on the profile what you were looking for I mean I guess you could leave it blank too - so I screened in that way and only asked if when we spoke it seemed like he actually wasn't looking for marriage and family. Oh yes and you get the inappropriate question "how come you're still single"? Not from this guy, but from 2 others on the dating site. These days I answer like this "I'm single because I'm in between relationships". It's like they're asking because they think something is wrong with you??

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A friend or maybe more

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