Cannibal Ferox (1981)

The most violent film ever made!
Adventure / Horror • 93 minutes  5.2/10
Starring: Giovanni Lombardo Radice Robert Kerman Danilo Mattei Venantino Venantini Fiamma Maglione Zora Kerova Lorraine De Selle Dominic Raacke and others.
Director: Umberto Lenzi Writer: Umberto Lenzi Director of Photography: Giovanni Bergamini Producer: Luciano Martino Mino Loy Editor: Enzo Meniconi Music: Fiamma Maglione Roberto Donati
Released • April 24, 1981

Three friends out to disprove cannibalism meet two men on the run who tortured and enslaved a cannibal tribe to find emeralds, and now the tribe is out for revenge.

A.K.A. AR: Los últimos canibales  AU: Woman from Deep River  BR: Canibal Ferox  DE: Die Rache der Kannibalen  DK: Jaget af kannibaler  ES: Caníbal feroz  FR: Terreur cannibale  GR: Argos thanatos  JP: Hitokui zoku  MX: Horror Cannibal  NL: De kannibalen vallen aan!  PE: Hazlos morir lentamente  PL: Cannibal ferox: Niech umieraja powoli  US: Make Them Die Slowly 

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